Cita C. – WTL Client

Cita’s car accident left her very depressed. She went to a psychotherapist and finally accepted what happened to her and started therapy. At that time she was only doing aqua therapy until year 2010 when she met another paraplegic who recommended her to go to “Walk The Line”. After consulting with her doctor and lawyer she started her physical therapy at WTL twice a week. She has noticed physical progress as well as her zest for normal life changed. After meeting with the staff and fellow clients she realized that life continues. The support of the staff as well as watching fellow clients made her happy and encouraged to continue on living.

Lynn Lukins – WTL Client

I was paralyzed after back surgery in July of 2010. I have been to different types of therapy ever since. I felt I was going nowhere and I needed a big push. I’m so glad I took the step and tried the free trial at “Walk the Line”. I’ve only been here about a month, but, I can feel my feet for the first time in 17 months. The therapists here keep pushing you, which is exactly what I wanted. I am exhausted when I’m done, but, I have a sense of accomplishment. I now can walk wobbly with a cane for short distances. I feel I am in the right place to be pushed “over the edge” into walking with assistance or on my own. If you give 100%, your therapist is right there with you, working just as hard. I feel I am in the right place to finish the job. Check out their website.

Viral – WTL Client

I began rehabilitation at “Walk The Line” in July of 2010. Since the start of rehabilitation at “Walk The Line” I have made good progress.  When I started at “Walk The Line”, I had poor sitting and standing balance, but there has been a dramatic improvement in my sitting balance and standing balance. I continually strive to increase functional movement in my legs, posture and balance via intense upper and lower extremity and trunk exercises.

The culture at “Walk The Line” is absolutely amazing. They’re always so upbeat in motivating you and pushing you. Project “walk mission” is to provide and improved quality of life for people living with a spinal cord injury through intense activity. Walk the line focuses on getting clients out of their wheelchair to work below and above the injury level using different approach.

Kyle – WTL Client

A very great place to work on getting back to normal. Great team that push you harder. Not for the faint of heart or if someone doesn’t want to get better.

Monique – WTL Client

The essence of WTL is captured in the heart of the trainers. They seem to have the empathy and understanding of the effort needed for an SCI or TBI client not only to get to the gym, but more importantly, the stamina needed to exercise. The trainers create an atmosphere that is upbeat and positive where the world accommodates us for a change. We have been blessed with individuals who have the uncanny ability to motivate, and to create possibilities and opportunities to assist each of our unique abilities to strive for more recovery. WTL empowers us to know that we are doing everything we can do to keep our bodies as strong and as mobile as possible. That empowerment strengthens our entire being and outlook on life encompassing body, mind and spirit. Awesome job, WTL! Thank you!

Mike – WTL Client

During my time at WTL, I have found the staff to be of the highest level of quality. Leading up to, and since my spinal cord operation, I have had physical therapy from four different providers. I have experienced the best results since I started at WTL. I am confident that a good part of my improvement is a result of the WTL philosophy that individuals can improve over time with continued aggressive therapy. Another critical factor in my improvement is the quality of the staff that has worked with me. The team approach of physical therapists, physical therapist assistants and athletic trainers creates an environment that has given me the greatest opportunity for improvement.

Linda – WTL Client

I have been taking SCI clients to rehab therapy for more than 20 years and have been to several rehab centers. Of all the rehab centers I have seen one stands above all the rest. Walk The Line to SCI Recovery. It is an intensive positive approach to rehabilitation utilizing both physical Therapy and personal trainers.

Robert – WTL Client

Happiness, hope, humor, making not so great days into great days…

You, dear trainers, much more than that.

You bring out the best in all your clients. I see new clients coming in serious laughing and joking now.

You are a five star problem-solving team and one that makes encouragement a natural part of your activity.

You are the best of friends and make those not so great days greater. You are the greatest.

You are everyday heroes and are truly proud to be walk the line trainers.

Lee S. – WTL Client

Walk The Line to SCI Recovery is the corner stone of my recovery. I have Ben in various physical therapy programs that stabilize you after you incur a spinal cord injury giving you the basic foundation for your immediate living functional needs but WTL is the step for the direction of Recovery. The atmosphere is family based and inviting whether you are a two-week client or five year with positive energy flowing every time you enter the doors. The trainers come from multiple backgrounds of medicine and functional recovery adding new cutting edge strategies to challenging recovery issues that have solved great number of problems for me and allowed me to regain function. The focus of WTL is Recovery and that’s what you get.

John Z. – WTL Client

Hello my name is John.
I am so happy with the staff and owners of Walk The Line to Spinal Cord Injury Recovery. I’m glad that Erica, Rita and the others invited me to be the first brain injury client in the program. I saw improvement on the first day I attended the program. It is great to see all the people they helping their recovery programs. I’ve been to two other recovery programs, and this is the one that I felt the most improvement on the recovery progress. All the staff members make you feel that you are a person, not another client. The staff has helped me so much more than I could have imagined. They are just so understanding with all the clients. I’m glad to say that I consider all the staff and clients as a friend. I couldn’t ask for more. Erica and her family are so wonderful.

Kim – WTL Client

Walk the Line has been and continues to be a phenomenal asset in my personal strive for independence. Not only does the Walk the Line staff contribute tremendously to my physical recovery but to my mental state as well. Before I joined the family at Walk the Line, both, my mental and physical state was in poor condition. I was extremely fearful and unable to even maintain an upright standing position for no more than a few seconds. The trainers push me to test my limits, while being supportive and understanding of my personal abilities. They have and continue to help me break down personal barriers regarding trusting myself, as well as, others. While everyone on my team encourages me, I get pushed the most by Lindsey Childress and Eric Meyers. Two totally different personalities, each with their own way of getting me to try new things.
I have attended Walk the Line for 7 years and the entire staff has become my extended family. Upon arriving at Walk the Line, I was unsure of how this therapy would be different from the rest. My first day showed me the difference between therapy for wealth and acknowledgement and therapy for real change and personal growth. I was asked about my abilities and limitations, my goals, both physical and personal, my strengths and my weaknesses. From there, I set new goals with a team who would uplift me with positivity and encouragement with a rehabilitation program designed especially for me and geared towards my success. I knew from that very first day that this type of therapy would become the most important part of my recovery. It has, and since that day I have accomplished so many goals and overcome so many obstacles, both physically and psychologically. Walk the Line has helped me to rebuild and restructure my life, to re-evaluate my abilities and recapture my independence.

Aaron – WTL Client

Put plainly, I quite literally could not work out like I do without your hands, so I value and thank you for keeping me standing, sitting, bending, and moving – among other things. There are all these articles and studies out there that prove how “sitting kills” and, since my options are pretty much limited to sitting in my power chair or laying in bed, I really value the time I’m able to spend out of my chair at Walk the Line.

Over the years, many of you have become my friends, and that’s pretty cool. Thanks.

The other day I noticed another client doing something pretty cool and, as I had that thought, I realized that every time I come in to work out there’s a chance I might see something pretty exciting. As much as it’s great for me to work out it’s actually really rewarding, now and then, to take in what’s going on around me at WTL. Not just the community and the rehab, but literally the exercises that were all doing near one another — every now and then I notice that one of my fellow clients has progressed quite a bit or accomplished something they wanted to or is just getting up to something new and different and it’s really fun for me to see. And all that really couldn’t happen without the inventive and dedicated brains of the trainers.

Lakeisha – WTL Client

I would like to say Thank You to a wonderful group of trainers and physical therapist for everything you all have done for me since I have been coming to WTL. You guys and ladies are very supportive and encouraging all of the time, you have given me constant motivation and support through my journey to walking better in the pacer or whatever I’m doing in my session. Thank you for being so knowledgeable and always knowing the answers to my questions whether it’s about walking, joint movement or keeping my trunk straight. I’m just so grateful for all your support and dedication in getting me through my physical therapy. You guys and gals are awesome. Thank You.

Dylan – WTL Client

Before I came to Walk The Line I was looking for a place to go for PT after being kicked out of the last place because all they had time for is stretching but then I came in for a visit here I knew I found something special. 3 hour long seasons that mean I get to use my legs for 3 hours. Days turn to weeks then mounts what I found was another home even with a mother (Debbie). I have learned so much from all of you, not only things like how to use my abs to us my hips but in life as well. I can do things now that people take for granted like get myself into bed. It just makes me feel good to do the little things. When I stood up all by myself in the bars It made me feel so happy and proud to believe in something for 5 years to dream it, but then do it wow My life has been impacted so much by all of you I wish a thank you could explain it but it doesn’t I’m so grateful for the opportunity you have given me and never lose faith in me. You are making dreams come true.