Client Spotlight – Mike K.

Over the last thirteen years since Mike’s accident, he’s tried, what seems like, everything in the therapy realm. The train vs. car accident he was in all those years ago left him with a traumatic brain injury, life altering limitations, but his sense of self, humor, and optimism were untouched. His unwavering optimism and sense of humor is what makes Mike, Mike.

So when Mike did the free trial at Walk The Line a year ago, we were all surprised, pleased, anxious, hopeful, and excited to see what he was able to do just on that first visit. To have the support of several therapists and/or trainers is one of the things that makes WTL so different from the other places. That additional support allows him to succeed. He has made so much progress here. And on his days off from there, he continues to make improvements with his home therapy team. It’s been incredible.

The team at WTL has been such a breath of fresh air. We’ve gotten so used to just being another client. It was quite a shock on the first day it rained when a line of employees armed with umbrellas came out to help clients into the building. And it’s smaller things too that make this place different. Such as the bathroom. There’s more than one accessible bathroom…there’s four! This place is different from top to bottom. The staff here is so encouraging and supportive. We’ve heard our fair share of garbage from otherĀ places: you should look for a nursing care facility, you’ve hit a plateau, it’s unethical for us to treat you when our time could be spent treating other clients, you’re not trying hard enough, you’re unmotivated. This list goes on and on. But not here. Mike has hit goals, exceeded goals, and been continually encouraged to do more. We’re confident that the next year will be filled with more of the same awesomeness!