Walk The Line is an activity based physical therapy program with a well-defined treatment protocol designed to facilitate recovery of function following neurological injury. At Walk The Line we are committed to creating innovative and effective physical therapy programs that are customized to each client’s needs and goals for recovery. We understand that each individual’s view of recovery is unique and that an individual’s goals for recovery can and should change over time. Our recovery center encompasses WTL Red and WTL Blue as programs that can be separate or coordinated for clients allowing them to benefit from the environment and feedback appropriate for their needs and goals.

Goal-Centered Recovery: Sessions are directed by personalized goal setting

  • Principles of Neuroplasticity: We apply these principles designed to promote plasticity and re-establish functional mobility through activity based exercises that focus on postural alignment, static and dynamic balance, coordinated movement patterns, assisted gait training with natural (body-weight) loading and muscle tone re-education.
  • Wireless Surface Electromyography (s-EMG): Utilized during the sessions to maximize exercise performance, validate progress with objective data and provide clients with real time feedback to assist in sensory-motor re-training.
  • Virtual Reality via motion-sensored gaming: Video-gaming guided visual feedback to assist in improving functional movements in an environment that is innovative and engaging.
  • Safety: Majority of sessions utilize two trained recovery staff members working under the supervision of a Physical Therapist.
  • Duration: 90 minutes or 3 hours. This is determined by our staff and our client during a one on one interaction with the client while taking into consideration their goals.
  • Intensity: Session intensity is determined based on the physical and mental tolerance to exercise so that we can appropriately challenge each client.

Performance-Based Program WTL RED
WTL Red is a performance based program that utilizes Knowledge of Performance to provide information about the characteristics of movement by breaking down the specific components when required.

Part to whole training approach focused on improving individual tasks involved in multi-joint coordinated patterns.

Interactive social environment with an open gym setting.

Performance-Based Program WTL BLUE
WTL Blue is a results based program that utilizes Knowledge of Results to provide information on how to further improve a certain functional/ goal directed movement based on the outcome.

Whole task training approach focused on utilizing functional and relatable activities specific to client.

Controlled ambient environment and availability of private treatment rooms.