The Innovator: 2017 Spring Newsletter

I looked up from gait training to see the face of one of our newer clients taking a break to cheer me on. Without realizing it I had straightened my posture and focused my gaze forward instead of down. As I turned and began to walk back down “the line” I smiled as I realized that his interest in my session and words of encouragement made me want to try harder.

Erica’s Corner: A Note from the Chief

“I have faith in you Erica. You can do it!”

I looked up from gait training to see the face of one of our newer clients taking a break to cheer me on. Without realizing it I had straightened my posture and focused my gaze forward instead of down. As I turned and began to walk back down “the line” I smiled as I realized that his interest in my session and words of encouragement made me want to try harder.

Catastrophic injuries have a tremendous impact on our lives in fundamental ways. Many of us experience low self-confidence, difficulty with social interaction, a loss of old friends or loneliness. It wasn’t until I participated in a program with multiple individuals with SCI’s in one room that I realized the importance of this dynamic and how the isolation of the traditional rehab setting perpetuated those feelings in me. It was difficult at first to acclimate to a setting where I was surrounded by my peers. Some participants had more function than I did and some had less. We all kept an eye on one another, keeping track of each other’s progress. Over time, we would compete or cheer each other on. We started getting together on the weekends and going out in groups. I learned that a community providing support, encouragement, competition and comradery is essential to our success not just in therapy but in life. Fifteen years later I still communicate regularly with the friends I made all those years ago.

At Walk The Line we believe that by fostering and encouraging relationships amongst clients, caregivers and staff that we create a community where those that we serve can thrive and be the best version of themselves. Whether it is through the ‘Shout Out Board’ where clients and staff are encouraged to leave each other notes of encouragement or stopping to watch and cheer on another client as I recently experienced, or by attending one of many community events hosted throughout the year, we hope that everyone that comes to WTL feels welcome and supported.

Meet The Team

Jennifer Miller, CSCS, BS Movement Science

Jennifer has been with WTL for going on 1 year. She graduated from Grand Valley State University with a B.S. in Movement Science in 2006. Following graduation, Jennifer became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. Until accepting the position at WTL in April of 2016, Jennifer worked in the Strength and Conditioning field where she specialized in off-ice strength and conditioning for figure skaters and ice dancers. Jennifer also enjoys coaching youth basketball.

“When I began my career out of college, I quickly became passionate about helping people achieve their goals and improve their quality of life. Working with elite level athletes always brought a sense of motivation and fulfillment for me. But I never imagined I would be blessed to work with such an inspiring group of people, clients, and colleagues alike until I came to Walk The Line. In just a years’ time, I’ve built relationships with people that I’m very honored to have in my life, and I’ve seen several people meet physical, mental and emotional goals. The pride I have to be a part of Walk The Line is immeasurable, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for me and the entire WTL community.”

Taylor Behn PT, DPT

Taylor completed her undergraduate degree at Central Michigan University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Psychology. After graduating from CMU, she furthered her education at Oakland University where she received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2015. Taylor started at Walk The Line in January of 2017.

“Joining the team at WTL has given me the opportunity to merge my passion for neuroscience with helping people reach their goals to improve function. I enjoy the daily challenges set by the team and our clients to push conventional limits to achieve progress and further recovery. Even in the short period of time that I have been with WTL, I have seen incredible things happen as a result of the hard work of clients and staff. I look forward to my future at WTL and hope to continue to learn and grow from our team and clients.”

Client Spotlight

Mike K.

Over the last thirteen years since Mike’s accident, he’s tried, what seems like, everything in the therapy realm. The train vs. car accident he was in all those years ago left him with a traumatic brain injury, life altering limitations, but his sense of self, humor, and optimism were untouched. His unwavering optimism and sense of humor is what makes Mike, Mike.

So when Mike did the free trial at Walk The Line a year ago, we were all surprised, pleased, anxious, hopeful, and excited to see what he was able to do just on that first visit. To have the support of several therapists and/or trainers is one of the things that makes WTL so different from the other places. That additional support allows him to succeed. He has made so much progress here. And on his days off from there, he continues to make improvements with his home therapy team. It’s been incredible.

The team at WTL has been such a breath of fresh air. We’ve gotten so used to just being another client. It was quite a shock on the first day it rained when a line of employees armed with umbrellas came out to help clients into the building. And it’s smaller things too that make this place different. Such as the bathroom. There’s more than one accessible bathroom…there’s four! This place is different from top to bottom. The staff here is so encouraging and supportive. We’ve heard our fair share of garbage from
other places: you should look for a nursing care facility, you’ve hit a plateau, it’s unethical for us to treat you when our time could be spent treating other clients, you’re not trying hard enough, you’re unmotivated. This list goes on and on. But not here. Mike has hit goals, exceeded goals, and been continually encouraged to do more. We’re confident that the next year will be filled with more of the same awesomeness!

In the News

Walk The Line to SCI Recovery welcomed 2017 as the year to celebrate our 10th Anniversary! 2017 will be our most ambitious year so far and we want to thank everyone who has supported us and encouraged us to forge ahead. We are committed to our original goals and always look forward to keeping our commitment to providing recovery therapy!

Beyond Therapy ……to Recovery!

Blackjack, Bingo and BBQ
On Friday February 24th Walk The Line’s community events group in conjunction with Don’t Just Sit There Foundation hosted another successful event featuring Blackjack, Bingo and amazing BBQ for our clients and their families. A great time was had by everyone! Thank you to our Community Events group for another successful night of fun and comradery!
Stay tuned for our next event!

MSU Residency Presentation
Walk The Line to SCI Recovery, Inc. conducted a presentation to the Residents of the Michigan State University School of Osteopathic Medicine On March 13th. Our Medical Director, Dr. Hinderer MD, MS, PT, along with Jody Lee DPT, CLT of Walk The Line fame, presented OUR PROTOCOL and reviewed the different approaches to RECOVERY THERAPY we are providing to our clients and the POSITIVE OUTCOMES we are achieving! The residents were very engaged during the 2 hour presentation and WALK THE LINE IS THANKFUL FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO SHARE OUR IMPORTANT MESSAGE OF HOPE AND RECOVERY!

MilleniumPGT Educational Seminar
Walk The Line along with Maple Manor Rehab, Millennium Health and CAP’s Remodeling co-sponsored an event to highlight the latest in medication monitoring, DNA testing and drug testing to a group of Case Managers, Home Care Nurses and other Medical Professionals on February 28 at the Iroquois Club in Bloomfield Hills. For more information visit

Upcoming Events

Southeast Michigan May RINC Meeting
Walk The Line to SCI Recovery, Inc. will host The Southeast Michigan RINC Meeting at Plum Hollow Country Club in Southfield on May 19th. Walk The Line’s Medical Director, Dr. Steven Hinderer MD, MS, PT, will be presenting “Recovery Based Treatments for Neurological Impairments.” The presentation will educate attendees on the key principles of Neuroplasticity, Principles of Motor Learning and the Treatment Methods to Implement these Principles. We look forward to an enthusiastic crowd!

2nd Annual Grill & Games
Walk The Line’s Community Events group and Don’t Just Sit There Foundation will be hosting the 2nd Annual Grill & Games-A Scavenger Hunt at Catalpa Park on Saturday, May 20th from 12:00 to 3:00 pm. The event will feature a team based scavenger hunt followed by a BBQ. Please call Walk The Line for more information.

Thanks for Reading!

Over the past ten years, Walk The Line has become recognized as a world-leading program for recovery therapies. Our belief in the human spirit and perseverance fuel our desire and drive to be the best recovery facility in the world.

Come and see what RECOVERY looks like.

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